vendredi 12 novembre 2010

Entendu aujourd'hui

They started up the hill
With their young lives exploding still
They loved to dream and run
They had the grass and the trees and the sun
They dreamed of the gold they'd find
At the top of the hill as they climbed
No one would ever doubt
Their spirit and strength could never run out

But the hill was steep and long
They never thought they'd be wrong
But it wasn't a hill at all
It was a mountain a thousand feet tall
But with the gold in their minds
They used their young lust to climb and climb
And by the time they got to the peak
They were old and they were weak

Their was no gold that they could find
It was all just in their minds
They dreamed and they had run
They found the grass and the trees and the sun
Said what do we do now?
Spend the rest of our lives climbing back down?
Or we can treasure what we find
And make it golden in our minds

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